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Headcannon Voices {For these versions }

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1Headcannon Voices {For these versions } Empty Headcannon Voices {For these versions } on Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:28 pm


STAFF ~ Other staff
STAFF ~ Other staff
Bro:{Asura's calm voice is what I imagine for Bro. It's the fact that fear never can drown him in madness.}

Doc: {God i need to stop watching British comedians. But Doc scratch always reminds me of Ricky. Mostly because he is intelligent, and cocky.}

Eridan: {Eridan is an adorable buffon. He reminded me of Wheatley as soon as he was introduced to me.}

Kurloz: {If he could Speak, He'd be a sassy dragon.}

Gamzee: {Charlie Scene. This has always been my Gamzee headcannon, and Always will}

Nepetan: {I feel like Charlie, and Nepetan sound like these two idots. Damn It Crona and Ragnarok}

Hussie: {Every second of Hussie's existance, screams Satan}

2Headcannon Voices {For these versions } Empty Re: Headcannon Voices {For these versions } on Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:32 pm

Gamzee Makara

Gamzee Makara
Admin & Patient
Admin & Patient
i like them :o)

Headcannon Voices {For these versions } Sigy1ti
ThE WoRlD PuShEd mE WiThOuT MeRcY AnD WhEn i pUsHeD BaCk... ThE WoRlD CaLlEd mE Evil. 
Headcannon Voices {For these versions } 3225965638Headcannon Voices {For these versions } 3228970662Headcannon Voices {For these versions } 3935303694Headcannon Voices {For these versions } 2789607234Headcannon Voices {For these versions } 317420190 Headcannon Voices {For these versions } Screen10

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